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The Dune family’s two-tone finishes of matte and high gloss ceramics enhance the sculptural crests and ridges that variegate the dishes and platters. Taking an unexpected turn, the corrugated motif is repeated across glassware and flatware in differing forms to yield diverse yet holistic place settings. As is crucial to Wearstler’s broader practice, mixed materiality is central here. To further elevate the dining experience, she has developed marble serving-ware to anchor the tablescape with shapes evocative of the same age-old Grecian techniques that are evident in the ceramics. Staying true to her consistent references to the natural world while level setting the overall tone, Wearstler incorporates relaxed, organic wood serving pieces to the Dune range, rounding out the elemental family of ceramic, stone, glass and metal tableware.

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Il Parco Negombo e L'Albergo della Regina Isabella si trovano ad Ischia, la splendida isola del Golfo di Napoli. Per informazioni su come arrivare e altre notizie tecniche ti invitiamo a contattarci!



L'Albergo della Regina Isabella e Parco Negombo, isola d'Ischia, Napoli
+39 081.986152